2015 Öhlins Off-Road Suspension

The All New 2015 Öhlins Off-Road Motocross & Enduro product lineup will soon arrive!  Be one of the first to utilize the astounding ttX 44 Shock, RFX 48mm Forks, and ttX Cartridge kit.  Groundbreaking upgrades where made to the 2014 and refined for the all new 2015 shock, forks, and cartridge kit, delivering even smooth precision to your motorcycle.  Making them Öhlins Best Performance Suspension Ever, true advanced suspension technology available to all levels of riders.  Husqvarna, KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Gas Gas, and Yamaha components in stock!  50cc, 65, 85, 125, 250, 250F, 300, 350F, 450F, and more!

   Öhlins Racing offers two fork options.  The highly regarded TTX22 cartridge kit which replace your oem internals yet use your oem outer tubes, and the ‘full’ RXF Racing front Fork (Complete fork replacement) developed in the white hot arena of MXGP and Supercross competition. Built for the highest level of competition, this 48mm fork looks the part with gold anodized outer tubes and titanium oxide treated inner tubes. Fine tuned for the perfect balance of rigidity for big impacts and having enough ‘feel’ to remain plush and smooth. With internal springs a new addition for 2014, 2015 developments include new seals to reduce ‘fading’ top-out noise is minimized due to the introduction of a top out spring and rubber. A new check-valve unit helps the fork to stay up in stroke without feeling too hard, which also improves the overall performance of the front fork.

The All New 2015 Öhlins ttX44 Shock

(Complete shock replacement) has been further refined for 2015 with a new rebound adjuster design for better precision and more rigid feeling. This shock offers the latest Twin Tube design with zero cavitation risk and precision multi-adjustments in the way of a rigid, fine precision rebound adjuster, three level high speed compression adjuster and highly effective low speed compression adjuster.

A new Enduro range of single tube shocks keep on performing even after sustained abuse out on the trails and special tests, giving durability and consistent performance hour after hour. 

 From Supercross to Enduro, from World Championships to Regional Competition!


Working with top level professionals along with average riders of all ages/skill levels, Öhlins Racing has made a name for itself delivering superior services to the off road market (Motocross, Enduro, Supercross).  We get the most our of the Öhlins ttX components, optimizing performance, control, and giving knowledgeable support for correct rider set-up.  Thom, Andre`, and the entire Öhlins RACE SUPPORT staff enjoy what they do with a passion.


Öhlins Racing 2015 RXF Forks for Off-Road Motorcycle


The RXF forks have the Öhlins ttX cartridge kits internally, but Pressurized Cartridge Kit has all new top out technology making the RXF forks and cartridge inserts the smoothest Öhlins motocross & enduro forks ever.

the outside is the main difference.  The upper and lower tubes are designed to produce factory level performance, with higher tolerances and much smoother mechanics then oem forks.  Both professional and recreational riders can enjoy the flawless control with the RXF forks.

MX & Enduro

It is on the motocross tracks and the enduro trails that shock absorbers have to seriously show what they can handle extremely rough treatment, jumps, rocks, and mud are just some of the things they have to deal with.  Over and over again.

We have been making shock absorbers in this segment for over 30 years and many championship titles have been won on our suspension throughout the years. This is where Öhlins started, this is where the demands are greatest and where the development is taking place fastest.

Öhlins Racing Suspension Specialists

Öhlins Racing World Class Suspension Center.  Offering premium services, along with excellent technical and racer support.  We are based out of Akron Ohio in the Midwest United States.