2015 Öhlins Off-Road Suspension

The All New 2015 Öhlins Off-Road Motocross & Enduro product lineup will soon arrive!  Be one of the first to utilize the astounding ttX 44 Shock, RFX 48mm Forks, and ttX Cartridge kit.  Groundbreaking upgrades have been made to the 2014 shock, forks, and cartridge kit, delivering even smooth precision to your motorcycle.  Making them Öhlins Best Performance Suspension Ever, true advanced suspension technology available to all levels of riders.   KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha components in stock!  50cc, 65, 85, 125, 250, 250F, 300, 350F, 450F, and more!

The All New 2015 Öhlins ttX44 Shock features an updated High Precision Rebound Adjuster!

 From Supercross to Enduro, from World Championships to Regional Competition!


Working with top level professionals along with average riders of all ages/skill levels, Coppersmith Öhlins has made a name for itself delivering superior services to the off road market (Motocross, Enduro, Supercross).

We get the most our of the Öhlins ttX components, optimizing performance, control, and giving knowledgeable support for correct rider set-up.  Thom & the entire Coppersmith Öhlins staff enjoy what they do with a passion.

Öhlins Racing 2015 RXF Forks for Off-Road Motorcycle

This years ttX22 Pressurized Cartridge Kit has all new top out technology making the RXF forks and cartridge inserts the smoothest Öhlins motocross & enduro forks ever.

The RXF forks have the Öhlins cartridge kits internally, but the outside is the main difference.  The upper and lower tubes are designed to produce factory level performance, with higher tolerances and much smoother mechanics then oem forks.  Both professional and recreational riders can enjoy the flawless control with the RXF forks.

Newly Interchangeable MX/Enduro Steering Damper

Öhlins introduces the 2.1 SD version of its popular off-road steering damper with a revised design including a new mounting system- so it can be transferred from one machine to another

MX & Enduro

It is on the motocross tracks and the enduro trails that shock absorbers have to seriously show what they can handle.

Extremely rough treatment, jumps, rocks and mud are just some of the things they have to deal with. Over and over again.

We have been making shock absorbers in this segment for over 30 years and many championship titles have been won on our suspension throughout the years. This is where Öhlins started, this is where the demands are greatest and where the development is taking place fastest.

New Location

5044 S Main, New Franklin, Ohio 44319

Coppersmith Powersport

Motorcycle Sales – Service – Support

Coppersmith is a full on Öhlins Racing Suspension center with a world wide customer base.  We also offer premium OEM services & tuning for WP, KYB, SHOWA suspension components, along with excellent technical and racer support. 

SKF Mud Scraper Kit

SKF Mud Scraper Kit $38 

Available for KYB, SHOWA, WP, & ÖHLINS.

   It is a ready-to-use solution, so can be used according to conditions on the ground The fork mud scraper Kit prevents contamination from mud and the abrasion it causes, thus ensuring the performance of the fork and the operating conditions of the seal and at the same time, also ensuring the rider’s safety. 

The fork mud scraper Kit has been developed entirely by SKF with laboratory and on track testing to achieve the fine tuning necessary for actual operating conditions and subsequent performance optimization. 

The solution, mounted on the Kayaba PSF (Pneumatic Spring Fork) was used during the last round of the Enduro World Championship race in St. Flour in France by the Jolly Racing – Honda Racing EN team, winner of the E2 World Championship. 

Xtrig Pre-Load Adjuster

The Xtrig preload adjuster is now available for your ttX44 Öhlins shock absorber!  $169.95 plus installation


  •  Mechanical transmission
  • Use the complete thread of the shock absorber
  • Easy handling
  • Adjust the preload very quickly
  • Low weight
  • Dirt insensible
  • Patent pending

 Call or email Andre` for more details- 330.724.2900 – andre.smith@OhlinsRacing.com

Öhlins Racing Suspension Specialists

Coppersmith Öhlins is a full on Öhlins Racing Suspension center with a world wide customer base.  Offering premium services, along with excellent technical and racer support.  We are based out of Akron Ohio in the Midwest United States.

All New ttX36 GP

The new TTX RT unit comes in a high specification but with a more affordable price tag.  $1529.38 w/spring

The new TTX RT model is available for most modern Hypersport machines and is designed for road and trackday riders. The Road and Track shock differentiates itself from the race focused GP model to give riders more choice to upgrade their machine.

Based on the ultra popular TTX36 model, the new shock has a traditional C-spanner type pre load adjustment, plus has the advantage of rebound and compression adjustment being easily accessible on top of the cylinder head.

New, improved standard settings are built into the shock as the world renowned Öhlins R&D engineers have fine tuned the unit. The shock has again been designed around the ultra efficient TTX twin tube technology to eliminate cavitation, and was developed in the ultra competitive world of MotoGP racing.

Technical Highlights:

TTX-technology – no cavitation risk!
Wide adjuster range
Completely separated functions for rebound and compression damping
All adjustments are done on the cylinder head of the shock absorber
Length adjustable for most models

Robert Brinkmark, Öhlins Product Manager Motorcycles commented, “We have had customer feedback and saw great demand for a Road & Track style product for the hypersport market, so we are very pleased to launch the new RT as a competitively priced product yet still derived from our race winning TTX technology.

The RT and GP shocks complement each other to create a complete hypersports line-up satisfying the needs of road riders, track-day enthusiasts right up to the race winning Superbike teams.”

The new TTX RT is available for the following models:
BMW S1000RR (2012-14)
Kawasaki ZX-10R (2011-14)
Honda CBR 1000RR (2008-13)
Yamaha YZF R6 (2006-14)
Suzuki GSX-R 600/750 (2011-14
Suzuki GSX-R 1000 (2009-14)

Street MC

Our popular and cost effective S46DR1 damper is the perfect upgrade for naked sports bikes. We call it the Street Performance Line.  The damper is a single tube design with a 46 mm piston. This monotube high pressure gas type shock absorber with an integral gas reservoir in the main body is loaded with performance.
External rebound damping adjustment and pre-load adjustment possible. The perfect choice for naked sports bikes or as we call it – the Street Performance Line.
FEATURES: – Öhlins quality and performance – Öhlins finishes and design, with experience from the racing tracks – Single tube damper with 46 mm diameter piston – Adjustable rebound damping and compression in one adjustment – Variations of spring rates available – Maintenance possibilities – Possibility to fit a hyraulic spring preloader later on

Coppersmith Öhlins has a full line of Harley Davidson shocks, from the HD Sportster to Street Glides!

Öhlins 2014 TTX GP Hypersport and Racing Shock for Street and Track

Coppersmith Öhlins introduces the latest version of its multi-time, championship-winning twin-tube technology shock, the TTX GP

Akron Ohio; Hot and ready for the grid after winning the AMA Pro National Guard Superbike title, and sweeping the podium with Josh’s Herrin and Hayes of Monster Energy Graves Yamaha, and Martin Cardenas of Yoshimura Racing Suzuki, respectively, Öhlins introduces the latest version of its multi-time, championship-winning twin-tube technology shock, the TTX GP.

On the newly released TTX GP shock, compression and rebound adjustors are updated with new needle profiles, resulting in improved flow guidance and volume control, for more precise and consistent damping fine tuning. The available range of adjustment is also now broader, while establishing a new industry standard of minimized shock-to-shock variance. These advances allow for improved chassis feedback, giving the rider enhanced control.

The TTX GP’s primary piston is redesigned for improved traction and feel, optimizing the established components of the TTX GP’s lineage from the ground-breaking TTX36. The TTX GP also has Moto GP style damping adjustors. As with all twin-tube TTX shocks by Öhlins, the TTX GP has completely segregated compression and rebound damping, and no risk of cavitation.

The TTX GP will be available in applications for most major sportbikes, and is equally suited to enhance a rider’s control and confidence on the street and on the racetrack. Racers. Track-day riders, or street enthusiasts.  Call Coppersmith Öhlins today 330.724.2900!

Classic MX

Coppersmith Öhlins offers a full line of Classic MX vintage twin shocks ranging from 340-380.5mm, with optional piggy back or non-piggy back reservoir.  Our universal shocks are available in 9 different length and stroke combinations, as well as optional spring rates.  Both versions of the shock are equipped with a 36mm body, preload adjustability, internal dividing piston (nitrogen/oil divider), and are completely re-buildable.

These shocks give you the modern feel within the legal vintage racing specifications, making them the best of both worlds. Öhlins Racing developed the Classic MX shocks with unmatched quality and performance specifically engineered for vintage racing.

Price: $864

VINTAGE Part No. Type Length (mm) Stroke (mm) Spring
Classic MX CC 606 S36D 360
Classic MX CC 607 S36D 340
Classic MX CC 616 S36P 360
Classic MX CC 617 S36P 340
Classic MX CC 706 S36D 360
Classic MX CC 707 S36D 340
Classic MX CC 708 S36D 380.5
Classic MX CC 717 S36P 340
Classic MX CC 718 S36P 380.5


Honda Grom Shock

Öhlins Honda Grom MSX 125 Rear Shock

Price: $536


  • Piggyback reservoir
  • Adjustable Spring Preload
  • Adjustable Compression Damping
  • 36mm Body (S36PC1)

Coppersmith Öhlins is a fan of the Honda Grom as it makes for the ultimate pit bike!  Our shock unlocks added performance giving your Grom the edge with the all new Öhlins HO 324 shock!

Call or email today!  330.724.2900 or andre.smith@OhlinsRacing.com

Coppersmith Öhlins Spotlight














 The Öhlins Cool Tool 5 way adjuster is now available.  This convenient tuning tool can change LSC/LSR clickers, HSC knob, alter shock spring preload, and bleed your cartridge kit or RXF forks outer chamber air build up.

The Cool Tool now comes standard with the 2014 ttX 44 shock, and is also available for purchase.  price: $49.99